Dedicated to making their corner of the world a more interesting place. Williamsburg’s vision is to raise the bar for hospitality within the Tamworth region by creating an extraordinary dining experience like none other. Founded upon years of experience in the hospitality industry ‘The Burg’ is more than a burger bar. It’s a family and a dream built from nothing.With the launch of a new menu approaching, Williamsburg found their current branding had become too repetitive, safe and was beginning to lack in the qualities that made them stand out originally.

Williamsburg teamed up with Pallett Design to help them take a step back, focus on what makes them unique and express that through an identity system, print and digital assets as well as a new website that embodies the extraordinary qualities of the business.
“There was never a moment I ever felt uncomfortable or that the project was not within my creative vision. Jack challenged my thought process to bring out exactly what I wanted The Burg to be.”
- Luke Fielding, Director, Williamsburg
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Project Scope

Identity Design
Print Design
Digital Marketing Collateral
Web Design and Development
Photography and Video Production
The majority of people’s first experience with a brand is visual. It’s important that in those first few seconds to say the right things. The Burg had a loose visual identity with elements that didn't serve a clear purpose. We tore down the identity and rebuilt Williamsburg’s visual language so that every element served a purpose while respecting the visual style they had become known for.
Williamsburg's Logo
Classic Logo
The Burg variation of Williamsburgs logo that reads The Burg established 2016
'The Burg' Logo
Williamsburg's Icon logo that reads W B
WB Icon
In the past Williamsburg's website consisted of just the menu and any changes had to go through an agency, slowing down Williamsburg's marketing efforts. The focus for the new website was not only to establish Williamsburg's atmosphere but also allowing them to change menu items, schedule weekly specials and other content all in house.
An iphone, macbook and ipad showing Williamsburgs website
Williamsburgs Home pageWilliamsburgs Home page
“The journey brought me back to nearly 5 years ago before The Burg started. Thinking about about mission statements, who we are, what do we do, what is our purpose, and how it can be even more successful. The design work has taken our social presence to the next level! We are edgy, cool, modern, and nothing like anywhere else in town. We are our own identity, we are trend setters, and Jack's work has truly stamped that as the truth, we are not just saying it, we are doing it! ”
- Luke Fielding, Director, Williamsburg
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Williamsburg's Icon logo that reads W B