Void Audio Productions

Starting out as a musician can be tricky, traditional studios are expensive and learning to record and mix your own music can take years. Void Audio aims to help new musicians in Brisbane find their sound in a comfortable home studio environment. The studio specialises in recording, mixing and mastering rock music and features revolutionary recording equipment like the Kemper amp profiler.

To finally legitimise his business, Josh from Void Audio approached Pallett Design to create an identity to help the new studio establish it’s authenticity.

Project Scope

Logo Design
Identity Design
Print Design
Digital Design
Void Audio Logomark
“Working with Jack was easy. He took a very basic idea I had and re-imagined it in a way that was more professional, identifiable, diverse and looked cool all at the same time. I would recommend Jack to anyone because he cares about his craft and customers. He is easy to talk to and makes the entire experience a comforting and fun process.”
- Josh Gudgeon, Void Audio
Void Audio Logo