Tamworth Games Club

Driven by a love of gaming, Tamworth games club has provided regular events for fans of tabletop games for nearly a decade. These events are attended by various fans of board games, card games and more across the whole year. Some fans dedicating every weekend they have to going.

Since it’s inception the club had relied heavily on word of mouth to promote their events and stay in touch with their community all with amazing levels of success. Due to the rise of social media in recent years, they where finding it increasingly difficult to stay connected with their community and noticed a severe drop in event attendance. They decided to bring Pallett Design on board to help them reconnect with their community and keep the club alive for future generations.
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Project Scope

Logo Design
Identity Design
Print Design
Digital Marketing Collateral
Web Design and Development
The identity
For Tamworth Games Club’s online presence to be effective they needed to stand out from competitors both visually and fundamentally.The identity system was designed to help achieve this through the use of unconventional colour and a mark that combines elements of gaming and fantasy to communicate a focus on the experience of gaming itself.
Tamworth Games Club's Logo
Getting social
To help Tamworth Games Club reconnect with and expand their community, we worked together to build an online presence centered around a website that would serve as a hub for the Club and it’s members. To back this online presence up in the real world we developed some printed marketing assets including a trading card inspired business card to help catch the eyes of any avid gamers out there.
Tamworth Games Clubs Home Page on a Macbook
Tamworth Games Clubs Home PageTamworth Games Clubs Home Page
“Jack worked with us right from the start to not only discover what we wanted out of the services but also to help us discover where we could improve our plans and what would be more effective for the business. The marketing plans were easy to understand and implement.All in all the work was fantastic and he was really down to earth”
- Gabriel Bourke,  Tamworth Games Club
Tamworth Games Club's Logo