A logo is as important as a brand's name. It's one of the major ways a brand is visually identified and communicates subtle information about a brand to their customers. Getting a logo correct from the start is important to ensure people view your brand in a positive light and to reduce expenses for years to come.

This is a collection of some of my favourite logos that I have worked on over the years primarily for clients in the Hospitality, Music, Fashion and Tabletop Gaming industry. Each client I worked for saw improvements in how the market percieved them, often being seen as more professional, trustworthy and of higher quality than competitors. Leading to consumers chosing these brands over competitors without properly designed logos.


The Press
Tamworth Games Club
Blackheart Games and Hobbies
Diamond Construct
Australian Trading Card Games
Armidale Basketball Association
Miza Sportswear
Swang Apparel
Days Like These
Jaylec Electrical and Data
Void Audio Productions
+ More
Client - Tamworth Games Club
Client - Traces
Client - Williamsburg
Client - The Press Tamworth
Client - Silverfang
Client - Miza Sportswear
Client - Days Like These
Client - Aussie Bulldog Pipes and Tobacco
Client - Blackheart Games and Hobbies
Client - Australian Trading Card Games
Client - Armidale Basketball Association
Client - Aenon
Client - Swang Apparel
Client - Diamond Construct
Client - Father Deer Hands
Client - Void Audio Productions
Client - Setmeonfire
Client - Revoid
Client - Summon The Abyss
Client - Jaylec Electrical and Data