Jaylec Electrical and data

Jaylec Electrical and Data is a friendlier alternative for people needing electrical services in Geelong. With a vision of providing a more mindful approach to electrical work and trades in general, Jaylec aims to help people love where they live by assisting them notonly with installations and repairs but advice and help on incorporating new technologies into their home or workplace.

Being relatively new and operating for a few months solely on word of mouth, Jamie the owner of Jaylec decided it was time to create an online presence for the business. He approached Pallett Design to create a professional identity that was not only memorable but separated Jaylec from other electrical service providers in the Geelong area.

Project Scope

Logo Design
Identity Design
Print Design
Digital Design
Web Design
Standing out
From the discovery insights we found that there was a gap in the local market for an electrician that was both focused on being mindful of their customers and up to date with the current technologies present in the home and workplace. We worked together to develop a messaging strategy and identity that focused on filling that gap and separated Jaylec from competitors visually and fundamentally.
Red Jaylec Logo
Red Jaylec Logo