Armidale Basketball Association

The Armidale Basketball association is a community built upon a love for basketball. They run and organise all of Armidale’s basketball events alongside managing the Armidale Lions Team. The association for the past few years had been using a logo made by the members themselves and their team’s logo was pulled from Google. These designs in comparison to other cities teams and organisations left Armidale Basketball and the Lions feeling a lot less confident than they should.

To boost confidence and establish legitimacy within their community they approached Pallett Design to redesign the logo for the association and create a new mascot logo for The Armidale Lions. They needed an identity that they could feel proud wearing on the court.

Project Scope

Logo Design
Identity Design
Print Design
Digital Design
Confidence is key
To help Armidale basketball regain some lost confidence in their visuals we worked closely together to rebuild their identity system. We united Armidale Basketball and the Lions under the same colour scheme. These colours were chosen carefully to not only look striking when used on the mascot logo but also looked professional when used for the association.
Sport style logo of a Lion that features text Ärmidale Lions"
Armidale Basketball Association Logo