Bring your vision to life with an identity designed to impress and help your business grow.
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You've built something from nothing

You’ve worked hard to build your business and turn your idea into something real. You need an identity that reflects that, looks unique, separates you in the market and ultimately brings your vision to life.

You want to finally be legitimate

You need to be able to establish authenticity and quality. While a great logo helps, it’s just one part of a bigger picture. You need a framework to keep your visuals consistent wherever people look.

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Price matters as much as quality

Between the other costs of your business money is tight. It shouldn’t cost thousands and take a team of people to create an identity that looks professional. You shouldn’t have to settle for lower quality either.

Identity Package
An identity system that brings your vision to life and helps your business grow.
Stand Out
Gain clarity on what makes your business unique and find out how to leverage that to separate yourself from competitors.
Legitimise your business
Establish your authenticity and be taken seriously with a strong identity system designed to connect and impress.
Invest in your future
Reduce your costs later on by investing in strategy and an identity developed with the future in mind. Allowing you to allocate more resources to where you need it most.
Identity Package

What's Included

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Strategy session

A two hour workshop in person or online where we discuss your business goals, clarify your position within the market, understand who your ideal customers are and how best to reach them.

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Logo & Identity

You get three logo and identity directions to choose from. Through some rounds of revision we refine your logo and create a brandscape (Like a moodboard but better) for you to use as a visual reference for you identity.

two pieces of paper with Pallett Design's style guides that showcase logo usage, brand colours, typography and examples of the brand in use.

Style Guide

To help you keep your visuals consistent without me. you are provided with a style guide. The style guide covers correct logo usage, brand colours, typography and font choice alongside some examples of the identity system in use such as marketing materials and a website.

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Brand Applications

You get a social media layout alongside your choice of a business card or promotional sticker and letterhead or merchandise design featuring the logo so you have the right materials to connect with others.

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This package is perfect for you if

  • You're just starting out and want to bring your idea to life
  • You're a small business and want to change how you are percieved
  • you're DIY but need a strong foundation to create from
  • You're on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality


Bring your vision to life with a professional identity designed to impress and help your business grow. Perfect for smaller businesses, entrepreneurs or those with a limited budget who value quality as much as price.
What's Included
  • 2 Hour Strategy Session
  • Logo & Identity
  • Style Guide
  • Social Media Layout
  • Letterhead OR
    Logo Merchandise Design
Total Investment
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