Separate yourself from competitors with a strategy and identity built to celebrate your uniqueness and build stronger connections.
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Your business is unique

You’ve worked tirelessly on making sure your business is one of a kind. You need a way to separate yourself from competitors and an identity that you can be proud of that reflects the true qualities of your business.

Marketing feels like a gamble

You can reach a lot of people with your marketing yet it working the way you want feels like it's a roll of the dice. You need people to interact with your business more without wasting money and time.

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Content is costing you time

Creating content, marketing graphics and website copy always turns out differently unless you're directly involved. You need to be able to step away and focus on the things that need you more.

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A Strategy and identity that seperates you from competitors and build stronger connections
Stand Out
Gain clarity on what makes your business unique and find out how to leverage that to separate yourself from competitors.
Improve Marketing Efficiency
Refine your visual and verbal communication strategy to send a message that not only captures more attention but attracts the right customers to your business.
Save Time
By developing a framework and resources to create consistent brand communication. Regardless of if you’re directly involved or not. Allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

What's Included

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Strategy session

A four hour workshop in person or online where we work together to define your business goals, clarify your position within the market, understand who your ideal customers are and how best to reach and connect with them.

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Voice and Messaging Strategy

We work together to define the voice and tone of your brand along with developing a framework to communicate you're businesses positioning correctly and clearly in a way your customers can connect with.

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Logo and identity system

Together we develop your brand's visual language to communicate ideas and your unique qualities with others. We refine this system including the logo through a few rounds of revision.

A booklet with a colour scheme and logo use guides on the pages

Brand Guidelines

You are provided with a brand guide to assist in keeping your visual and non visual communication consistent. The guide covers correct logo usage, brand colours, typography, supporting graphics, correct photography and how to use the identity system in conjunction with your messaging strategy with examples included.

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Brand assets

A collection of imagery, icons, glyphs, textures and supporting graphics to assist in future creation of marketing materials, websites and content. These assets keep your communications consistent no matter who is creating it as well as reducing the time needed to create communications.

A phone with a social media layout displayed,a letter with the pallett design logo and pallett design business cards

Brand Applications

You get your choice of up to four custom brand applications to bring your identity and brand to life. These can be anything you choose such as a business card, brochure, packaging, social media graphics, merchandise, menu, signage and more.

“There was never a moment I ever felt uncomfortable or that the project was not within my creative vision. Jack challenged my thought process to bring out exactly what I wanted The Burg to be. A seamless process that I'm positive could help develop future clients and their needs.”
- Luke Fielding, Director, Williamsburg
“Jack worked with us right from the start to not only discover what we wanted out of the services but also to help us discover where we could improve our plans and what would be more effective for the business. The marketing plans were easy to understand and implement. All in all the work was fantastic and he was really down to earth”
- Gabriel Bourke, Tamworth Games Club
“Working with Jack was easy. He took a very basic idea I had and re-imagined it in a way that was more professional, identifiable, diverse and looked cool all at the same time. I would recommend Jackto anyone because he cares about his craft and customers. He is easy to talk to and makes the entire experience a comforting and fun process.”
- Josh Gudgeon, Void Audio
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This package is perfect for you if

  • You need to seperate your business from your competitors
  • You need an identity that truly reflects your business that you can be proud of
  • You want to improve your marketing efficiancy
  • You want to streamline your marketing and branding efforts


Separate yourself from competitors with a strategy and identity built to celebrate your uniqueness and build stronger connections. Best suited for businesses
What's Included
  • 4 Hour Strategy Session
  • Messaging and Voice Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo & Identity System
  • Brand Assets and
    Supporting Graphics
  • 4 brand Applications
Total Investment
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