Transform your business, turn customers into advocates, regain focus and take complete control of your brand.
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You strive for change

Your vision for your business is extraordinary, you’re close to realising it but aren't completely there yet. You want to change not only how your business is perceived by others but raise the bar for the market itself.

details matter

You aim to give your customers the best experience possible regardless of if it’s online, in store or at home. Auditing and controlling every detail of that experience is hard and is costing you time and money.

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You need a new approach

You want to improve efficiency, save time and generate more revenue. What you know has worked well but you need something different, a fresh perspective and to have your ideas challenged so you can grow your business further.

complete Package
A Strategy and identity that transforms your business, turns customers into advocates and gives you complete control over your brand
complete control
Remove chance from the equation, gain clarity on what makes your business unique, how to best connect with your ideal customer and take complete control of your brand by leveraging those insights.
Increase customer retention
Refine your communication strategy and customer experience to not only attract your ideal customers, but build stronger connections transforming them into loyal brand advocates.
regain focus
Save time and money by developing frameworks, systems and resources to streamline your business and branding. Allowing you to focus on where it's needed most.
complete Package

What's Included

Sheets of paper with a brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Through a facilitated one day workshop, research and iteration we develop a framework for your brand. We dive deep into your market position, customers and their experience, your goals, your competitors and devise new ways to improve customer retention, generate more revenue and increase the efficiency of your operations.

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Logo and identity system

Together we develop your brand's visual language to communicate ideas and your unique qualities with others. We refine this system including the logo through a few rounds of revision.

A booklet with a colour scheme and logo use guides on the pages

Brand Guidelines

You are provided with a brand guide to assist in keeping your visual and non visual communication consistent. The guide covers correct logo usage, brand colours, typography, supporting graphics, correct photography and how to use the identity system in conjunction with your messaging strategy with examples included.

An ipad with a collection of file icons

Brand assets

A collection of imagery, icons, glyphs, textures and supporting graphics to assist in future creation of marketing materials, websites and content. These assets keep your communications consistent no matter who is creating it as well as reducing the time needed to create communications.

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Brand Photography

To strengthen your visual communication and provide more assets you are provided with both custom photography and carefully curated stock so that you have a great selection of images to use in communications.

A phone with a social media layout displayed,a letter with the pallett design logo and pallett design business cards

Brand Applications

You get a tailored amount of custom brand applications to bring your identity and brand to life. These can be anything you choose such as a business card, brochure, packaging, social media graphics, merchandise, menu, signage and more.

three sheets of paper with campaign stratgey on them

Launch Campaign

To help you share your vision with the world, we work together to develop a campaign strategy to assist you in the launch of your new brand along with overseeing the launch.

“There was never a moment I ever felt uncomfortable or that the project was not within my creative vision. Jack challenged my thought process to bring out exactly what I wanted The Burg to be. A seamless process that I'm positive could help develop future clients and their needs."
Luke Fielding
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This package is perfect for you if

  • you don't want to leave your customer aquisition and retention to chance
  • You want to take complete control of how your business is percieved
  • You want to challenge how you think about your business
  • You want to streamline your marketing and branding efforts


Transform your business, turn customers into advocates, regain focus and take complete control of your brand. For businesses dedicated to building strong connections with their customers, perfect for re-branding a well established business or launching a new one.
What's Included
  • 1 Day Strategy Workshop
  • Brand Strategy Document
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Launch Campaign Strategy
  • Logo & Identity System
  • Brand Assets and
    Supporting Graphics
  • Brand Photography
  • Brand Applications
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