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Your business is unique, it’s an idea you’ve worked tirelessly on and a brand you strive to be proud of. It's important for you to find someone you work well with and can be confident and comfortable with. Here's some of the benefits of working with me
One on One
In every project you work directly, one on one with me. Your designs won’t get passed to a junior designer or anyone who may not totally get it as quality and transparency is something I hold high. It's important that you know who is working on your project as after all, that's why you chose to work with them.
Anti Boring
We are bombarded with thousands of messages a day and most of the time our brains run on autopilot. This is until we see something different and our brain needs to know what it is. I’m all about helping business be that difference in people’s lives by not forcing them down the same safe road their competitors have taken.
Future Focused
I don’t want you to come back to me because you have to. I only want you to return because you love the work and love working with me. When we work on a project together it’s important to me to make sure you benefit not only now but years down the road. Having to constantly return to me slows you down which doesn't help you at all.
Like Water
When you work with me you aren't paying for staff who aren't even involved in your project or the office's new ping pong table. Because of this there is more room for flexibility to either keep things more affordable for those on a budget or hire true specialists for the projects that need it.
For businesses in regional Australia finding someone who understands the culture and market is important. I grew up and currently live in Tamworth, Australia making me very familiar with the nuances that makes regional Australia different.
We are all individual and unique in our own way. We celebrate that through our choices in life like the things we do, what we buy and what we say. I was picked on for who I was when I was younger so I’m passionate about creating spaces were people can be themselves and celebrate what makes them unique.

How I help

If you are looking to improve your marketing efficiency, increase customer retention and ultimately have a brand that you can be proud of I provide a wide range of services that help achieve that.
Brand Strategy
Customer Experience
Logo Design
Visual Identity Systems
Tone and Voice
Graphic Design
Print and Digital
Content Creation
the Process and services

What clients are saying

“There was never a moment I ever felt uncomfortable or that the project was not within my creative vision. Jack challenged my thought process to bring out exactly what I wanted The Burg to be. A seamless process that I'm positive could help develop future clients and their needs.”
- Luke Fielding, Director, Williamsburg
“Jack worked with us right from the start to not only discover what we wanted out of the services but also to help us discover where we could improve our plans and what would be more effective for the business. The marketing plans were easy to understand and implement. All in all the work was fantastic and he was really down to earth”
- Gabriel Bourke, Tamworth Games Club
“Working with Jack was easy. He took a very basic idea I had and re-imagined it in a way that was more professional, identifiable, diverse and looked cool all at the same time. I would recommend Jackto anyone because he cares about his craft and customers. He is easy to talk to and makes the entire experience a comforting and fun process.”
- Josh Gudgeon, Void Audio

About me

Hey! My name is Jack Pallett and I'm the human behind Pallett Design.

When I’m not working with clients I still spend most of my time designing and creating, either for personal projects or for my band Traces which I sing and play guitar for on tour.

I’m a massive fan of Star Wars, Video Games (Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia, Dead Space, Jak and Daxter and anything Star Wars of course) and love creating digital art. I am also a sucker for a good burrito or burger.

What drives me in life is to create and help others to do the same.

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